Any plagarized work will require a ful refund. Please follow all instruction it

Any plagarized work will require a ful refund.  Please follow all instruction its impartive that you do so/
Scenario: Your management team is preparing an executive brief for senior management regarding several cases of intrusion and compromises of the organization’s network. The team needs to know what types of attacks the organization is facing and the risks involved. You are asked to prepare an executive brief based on your research of an external breach of another organization and make recommendations on protecting and securing the network.
Research news reports of a major security breach that occurred on a network within the last two years. Select an incident where the attack resulted in economic or political damage to the targeted organization.
Write a 700-word executive brief or summary using Microsoft® Word that answers the following questions:
What happened during the breach?
How did the breach occur?
What were the economic or political consequences?
How was the situation handled?
How could enterprise-level network security planning and policies have helped to prevent this incident? Provide at least two specific examples.
If a similar incident did occur with enterprise-level network security planning and policies in place, how would the response have been different?
Cite and list at least three outside references for this assignment.
Format your document consistent with APA guidelines. Include title page, conclusion, and cite any references within the text, and include a cited reference list.
I now of three companies that have had security breaches they are Amazon, Target, and Yahoo
I’m not sure if they occured withi the past two years, but feel free to write on any company you are aware of.Just make sure all highlighted question are answered.


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