ART MUSEUM PROJECT – TRIP and Report (Total possible 50 base + 30 extra cr

ART MUSEUM PROJECT – TRIP and Report    (Total possible:  50 base + 30 extra credit points for this option)    
Find more directions on Trip and Report linked above. For this assignment,   you are expected to visit an art museum in person and submit proof of attendance.  Take notes while at the museum. You will then write a 3-4 pages (about 1000 words)  paper on FIVE art works from this museum.Museum Report: B egin your report with description of the museum – what you saw when you enter it and where you go from there, mention the first section and main itinerary.   Example: Italian art section, European art, etc… Describe the chosen artworks and provide a brief analysis of each work; discuss  the time period/movement and historical background. Your paper should include an introduction and a conclusion. I would appreciate it if you write about your observations illustrate the paper with small images. (If you decide to insert images please watch the size of the file, it should not be more than 1 MGB). List of Recommended Museums: – Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk
Link to site:  Proof of Attendance:  – Take a photo in front of the museum’s sign. –   If you do not have a digital camera, scan or photograph   Brochure,   Ticket stub,   or Postcard bought at the museum shop (front and back). .  –   Proof (digital image, not larger than 1 MGB) should be inserted in the paper (see examples below) .
****I will get a brochure to attach.****


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