Assessing Transcultural Communication Competence (Individual ICC Paper) You wil

Assessing Transcultural Communication Competence (Individual ICC Paper) 
You will write a 3-4 page paper assessing transcultural communication competence (Ting- Toomey, 1999) and intercultural sensitivity (Bennett’s DMIS as cited in Hammer, Bennett, & Wiseman, 2003) Judge Reilly (TED Talks). The paper should be in APA style, 12 Times New Roman, 1-inch margin all around, and double spaced, and come with a cover page (so the final page count will be a minimum of 5 pages). There is no need for an abstract.
For this assignment, you need to read Ting-Toomey’s chapter on transcultural communication competence (pp. 265-276) and be familiar with Bennett’s DMIS descriptors and scale (see the handout from class). You can cite them as follows.
Hammer, M. R., Bennett, M. J., & Wiseman, R. (2003). Measuring intercultural sensitivity: The intercultural development inventory. International journal of intercultural relations, 27(4), 421-443.
Ting-Toomey, S. (1999). Communicating across Cultures. New York, NY: Guilford Press.
You also need to watch the following video clip:
1) the TED Talk by Judge Reilly about his Aboriginal Education (approx 17 mins. long)

When writing your paper, first begin your paper with a brief introduction of the topic, which is assessing transcultural communication competence and intercultural sensitivity of Judge Reilly. Next, you will provide a brief summary of both Ting-Toomey’s transcultural communication competence model and its key components, and Bennett’s DMIS scale and its descriptors (about 1-page). Then in the rest of your paper (about 2-pages long), analyze the person’s transcultural communication competence and intercultural sensitivity, making sure to back your claims with what you see/hear/infer from his or her story and talk as your evidence. Finally, you will offer your overall assessment of the person’s transcultural communication competence and intercultural sensitivity, or the lack thereof. As a whole, your paper should clearly communicate what you are evaluating, how you are evaluating, and why you have arrived at the assessment that you have. Any enhancements are welcome as long as they do not detract your reader from the main purpose of the paper.
Paper length (3-4 pages)
/5 points
Organized writing with appropriate support
/5 points
Covers all of the elements in the assignment writing prompt
/20 points
Quality of effort:
Demonstrates attention to detail beyond sparse content and brings elements that enhances the paper
/5 points
APA Style
Checked spelling and grammar & follows formatting convention
/5 points


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