Assessment 2 PAPER #2 3-5 pages Due T, 3-7 at th

Assessment 2
PAPER #2     3-5 pages                             Due T, 3-7 at the beginning of class
At this point, you have heard me say a half million times that every word in a poem, every paragraph in a story, every chapter in a novel has a purpose in its whole.  Nothing is there by accident.  If originally an accident, it’s deliberate by the time the work is published.  In the Lake of the Woods is particularly artful in how it is constructed, revealing bit by bit the story. 
Take at least one from each of the three types of chapters (titled, evidence and hypothesis) to show how these particular “parts” of those three chapters you have chosen are all tied together through repeated imagery, development of the theme, character development, use of non-fiction in fiction, or, the most complicated, the repeated questioning of truth or reality.  Notice that the assignment asks you to focus on what ties the work together, sort of like the explication you already wrote.  Just as you did with the explication, start with the theme or what the novel says.  Then find at least three pieces of support for that theme.  Once you start, you will find support all over the text.
Post in Blackboard and run through plagiarism checker by class time.  Bring printed copy to class if possible
·       Linked to all SLOs listed above because you must analyze a literary text and write about it using standard academic conventions.
·       Graded by
Understanding of text
Understanding of literary devices
Understanding and demonstration of academic writing skills.
Worth 1/6 of the semester grade


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