Assessment 3 PAPER #3 3-5 pages Due T, 3-28 You

Assessment 3
PAPER #3     3-5 pages                             Due T, 3-28
You will write a prose explication of a passage of We Need New Names.  Prose explications, sometimes called close readings, also are concerned with imagery and language choices like your explication.  Sometimes meter is used but not usually and rarely is there rhyme in prose.  Yet, the same advice for paper #1 applies with the additional proviso of explaining how the speech/paragraph fits into the work.  In published well-crafted work, each paragraph or character’s speech adds to the entire work.  However, some paragraphs add more than others, so pick your portions wisely.  Concentrate on character development, extended imagery or symbolism rather than plot.
Post in Blackboard and run through plagiarism checker by class time.  Bring printed copy to class if possible
·       Linked to all SLOs listed above because you must analyze literary prose and write about it using standard academic conventions.
·       Graded by
Understanding of text
Understanding of literary devices
Understanding and demonstration of academic writing skills.
Worth 1/6 of the semester grade


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