Assignment #02Greendale Stadium Case Read theGreendaleStadium Case on page 20

Assignment #02:Greendale Stadium Case
Read the Greendale Stadium Case on page 202 (Chapter 6). Prepare a written case analysis that defines and describe the problem, analyzes it to provide a recommended solution to the case.  Set your paper up with the following sections:
problem and purpose – explain the problem and purpose in an overview
problem analysis and applications – Discuss the results of your analysis using your MS Project reports as your source (you will turn in your MS Project reports with your written case analysis). Insert your MS Project Solution Files inside the case analysis.
Conclusions and Recommendations – Discuss your conclusions and your recommendations
Your analysis and application as well as recommendation of a solution sections of the paper will use the case questions to guide your analysis discussion.  Use the information provided in Table 6.3, construct a network schedule for the stadium project and answer the following questions: 1. Will the project be able to be completed by the May 20 deadline? How long will it take? 2. What is the critical path for the project? 3. Based on the schedule would you recommend that G& E pursue this contact? Why? Include a one- page Gantt chart for the stadium schedule.
4. Your Case Analysis will be graded using the attached Case Analysis Grading Rubric – Note: The sections of your cae analysis paper are associated with the evaluation sections and criteria provided in the case analysis grading rubric.
What you will turn in:
1. Written Case Analysis with sections and discussion as shown above.
2. MS Project reports that provide the solution and results you discussed in the case analysis.Insert the MS Project solution support as an Insert the files inside the case analysis.
3. Your written case analysis and MS Project reports will be graded using the attached grading rubric.


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