Assignment # 1 Article Review Instructions You will review the major points of a

Assignment # 1
Article Review Instructions
You will review the major points of a specific article or case study. You are expected to provide suggestions to address the problem in the article or case study. This assignment must be 450 words in current AMA format. You must include at least 1 peer-reviewed article source in addition to the citation of the assigned article or case study.
Article Review 1
“Effect of Washing Hands with Soap on Diarrhea Risk in a Community: A Systematic Review”
·         Summarize the article’s major points, focusing on 3 key aspects
·         Describe at least 2 strengths and weaknesses in the review of studies
·         Indicate implications of the article, and also possible future areas of research on the topic of handwashing and diarrhea risk at the community level
·         Use 1 peer-reviewed article, besides the assignment article or case study, to support your opinions
Assignment # 2
Research Paper: Topic Submission Instructions
Write a 1-sentence topic statement concerning your research paper topic. It must include the following:
1)      A community from the country of Bolivia. The community should have a population no greater than 5,000 people.
2)      Design of a WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) program for a community in an economically less developed country.
3)      Also, address the topic of Landfills (solid waste disposal).
You must provide 1 reference to validate the health problem in your chosen country/region. You must also include some statistics from a reference to validate the magnitude of the problem.
Consult this resource or other W.H.O. resources to help you attain key information about health statistics related to water/sanitation:
Assignment # 3
Research Paper: Outline Instructions
Write a 1–2-page outline of your research paper. This will be based on your health topic chosen (Landfills: solid waste disposal) for your selected country/region (Bolivia). The outline will be arranged in an alphanumeric format. It must include:
·         an introduction and statement of problem
·         body to includes at least 3 main points and 3 sub-points
·         conclusion
Be sure to include challenges or limitations to carry out your proposed program. Each major line in your outline should begin with a statement. Your outline must be double-spaced and 12 pt. Times New Roman font.


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