Assignment 1 Course Project Task II/Annotated Bibliography During Module 2, you

Assignment 1: Course Project Task II/Annotated Bibliography
During Module 2, you identified four journal empirical articles related to your research question. In this module, select two more articles related to your topic, totaling to six sources by this module that you would have gathered.
For the first assignment this module, select two of those six sources and using the guidelines provided on the Module 3 page 2 lecture page, create the annotated bibliographies of the two sources and submit to the M3A1 drop box. Each annotation must be no longer than 150-200 words.
All written assignments and responses should follow APA style in formatting and attributing sources.
Please make sure you review the elements of the grading criteria and associated points carefully and make sure your assignment has addressed all the elements and in enough detail to merit full points.
Cite the source in APA Style.
Follow the citation with a single block paragraph of not more than 150–200 words comprising your annotation (summary, evaluation, and reflection). Word limit is important so make sure you revise carefully and remove unnecessary details prior to submission.
The whole block should be double-spaced and indented an additional two spaces.


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