Assignment 1 is Write two pages on your ethical interpretation of theMonroe Col

Assignment 1 is Write two pages on your ethical interpretation of the Monroe College King Graduate School Code of Academic and Scholarly Integrity. Elaborate on each activity (a, b, c, d, e, f, g) that has the potential to interfere with the pursuit of education, expansion of knowledge base, and assessment of student performance. The school code is provided in an attachment to this assignment.
Pls see attachment for this.
Assignment 2 is Read and critically analyze the most important aspects of the work of James Rachels and Stuart Rachels, “The Elements of Moral Philosophy.” Then, present and explain the information to the class in PowerPoint format.
Write 2 page summary for this . 
Assignment 3 is Greg Court White Paper, No. 44 “The Financial Crisis and the Collapse of Ethical Behavior”
Write 2 page summary what this paper is about.
Assignment 4 is case study . Pls see attachment for this. You have to write 3 or 2 and half page . Just answer only first 2 question based on case study . First write the question and then answer 
No Apa style . Plagiarism should 0 . I will pay 25$ for this . Because its just 2 pages .
Please let me know and i appreciate and like  your work so hope you will say yes. I will approach only you going forward.


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