Assignment 1 Week 1 Determine a Project Consider a project that might solve a p

Assignment 1
Week 1: Determine a Project
Consider a project that might solve a problem. Write a short report defining what the project is and what the problem is that it is designed to solve. The solution database must contain at least three tables. You may manipulate this database with any programming language you desire.
Assignemnt 2
Download the iLab instructions and the iLab report for the necessary steps to be completed for this lab. They can be found in Doc Sharing under the iLab category. Complete this template iLab report document by completing the sections listed on the page (Objectives, Results, and Conclusions). You will notice that the readings, including lectures, the examples we worked on during the lecture, and other audio and visual aids provided, will help you tackle this week’s lab. Remember to always follow the instructions to get maximum credit, and use the weekly discussion related to the iLab and the Q & A Forum for additional help. Be specific and state the problem you are having clearly, including what you have done to resolve it, in the discussion.


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