Assignment 2 (25% due by 1159pm on April 12) Read the book Agnes’s Jacket A

Assignment 2 (25%; due by 11:59pm on April 12):
Read the book Agnes’s Jacket: A Psychologist’s Search for the Meanings of Madness by Gail Hornstein.
In a 1,000

word essay, provide your reflections on the book. Your reflections, although written in essay style (short intro, proper sentences and paragraphs, conclusion), should address the
following questions/topics:
Summarize/express Hornstein’s main points or arguments. Given this, what is the significance
of the title’s reference to Agnes’s jacket?
did Hornstein research her book? What challenges did she face?
3) How have your views of madness been influenced by reading
Agnes’s Jacket
? That is, what
were your views before reading the book, and how did reading her account affect those views?
Be s
pecific and give examples.
4) What recommendations does Hornstein have (implicit or explicit) for how to respond to
people with emotional problems? Do you agree or disagree with these recommendations? Why
or why not?


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