Assignment 2.7 A Home Network Plan Directions For this assignment, you will pla

Assignment 2.7: A Home Network Plan
For this assignment, you will plan how you would network two or more computers in your home. If you already have a home network, you may either describe your existing network, or plan one for someone else.
Part A
Describe the type and locations of the computers you plan to network.
Using what you have read and viewed as resources, list the hardware and software that you will need.
List the steps you would follow to implement the network.
Organize this information into a brief report.
Open the GROUP discussion board and post your report in the Home Network Plan forum.
Part B
Respond to at least two reports in your group other than your own. One of the comments needs to be either a suggestion, or a comment on a technical aspect of your classmates plan.
1 day ago
Aubrey Carter 
Home Network Plan
A Home Network Plan
Part A
Dell 15.6″ Inspiron Laptop and an HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Printer
-Single household with a wireless router 
2)Hardware needed: laptop, HP printer and wireless router
-software needed: Windows 7, HP Printer Software, HP Update, Shop for Supplies Online, HP Photo Creations, wireless LAN adapter and wireless card
3)Steps you would follow to implement the network:
-I called Comcast to get a quote and Information about setting up a home network plan. The technician came with the wireless router box and cable box. He connected the router to the TV and another router to set up internet, he always plugged it into the wall with the appropriate cords. My step dad somehow set up the home network when we called and the network key password was on the router. Then we downloaded the software on my computer for the wireless printer and connected it to the main network and to test it out we printed a random document.
4 days ago
Faraz Siddiqui 
Home Network Plan
I already have home network which consist of many electronics including six smartphones, three laptops, two televisions and a desktop. Since my desktop is not mobile at all I decided to setup router right next to it because its wired to my desktop. Even though my TVs are big they still are smart TVs and connect wirelessly from the router. All my laptops already consist of Interface Cards so I don’t need a wire for those which is great. Everything runs only on a single modem which obviously comes with a built-in router, it is basic 802.11ac has a download speed 100 Mbps and it works perfectly fine.
The steps I used to setup my network were:
Purchase the Modem/router from the service provider. 
Get an appointment for them to come set it up. 
Connected all my devices to the Wi-Fi and make sure it works. 
Most important part of it was to change the default id and password for the network.


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