Assignment 2 Article on the New Look Part 1 You are working with a modern fas

Assignment 2: Article on the New Look 
Part 1:
You are working with a modern fashion magazine. Your editor has asked you to write a 500-word article on the post-World War II “New Look” of 1947 brought into vogue by Christian Dior.
Your article should include era-specific (New Look period) garment descriptions and images.
You can use the following keywords to search for information for your project:
The New Look, Christian Dior
Twentieth Century Fashion Designers
Press Release
Fashion Show Promotion
Fashions of 1947
Include all of the following points in your article:
Provide background on the era and identify the historic reason for “The New Look” in fashion.
Describe at least three New Look outfits specifying fabrics, silhouettes, and accessories.
Specify the New Look era social status of the potential customer for each of the outfits, using vocabulary that you have learned in your readings.
Include images of each New Look era ensemble.
Conduct Internet research using keywords on the assigned topics and appropriate vocabulary.
Research should include at least three reliable Web sources in addition to the textbook.
Use bolding, headings, bulleted lists, and graphics where appropriate to enhance your communication.
Your paper should be submitted in Microsoft Word, at least 500 words in length not counting source citations, in double-spaced 12 pt. font with 1″ margins top, bottom, left, and right. Sources used should be cited within text content and full MLA citations including URLs provided on the last page under the heading Works Cited


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