Assignment 2 Effectively Engaging the Community The professional model of polic

Assignment 2: Effectively Engaging the Community
The professional model of policing emphasized that the police are the experts and the community is the client.
When moving from the professional model to the community policing model, law enforcement must effectively be involved with and engaged in the community. The term “community policing” implies that the community is an integral part of policing. Within a particular city, there might be such diversity in neighborhoods that a method of engagement that is successful in one area may not be appropriate for another. As a result, community policing has taken many forms, depending on the unique nature of different communities.
There are some overarching principles when examining how law enforcement can effectively engage community members.
Read the assigned chapters from the textbook and the PDF assigned to this module as additional readings and prepare a three to five page report analyzing how a police agency can effectively engage the community in community policing.
In your report:
Provide at least two examples of an effective response by a law enforcement agency to a community problem.
Note why it is critical—with regard to the overall success of the problem-solving process—to include the community in the problem-solving process.
Provide at least three keys to successfully engaging the community with the police.
Note any differences in how the community was engaged in the two examples.
Note: Include an APA-formatted reference page that links back to your in-text citations and supports your recommendations. Remember, you cannot have only in-text citations or only references. You must have both because in-text citations and references link to each other.
Submission Details:
Save the report as M4_A2_Lastname_Firstname.doc.
By Wednesday, April 5, 2017, submit your report to the M4: Assignment 2 Dropbox.


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