Assignment 2 LASA 1 Cloud Implementation Training Report Description of LASA

Assignment 2: LASA 1: Cloud Implementation Training Report
Description of LASA:
For this assignment, you are to review a brief scenario and watch a video on cloud computing implementation. Then, you will develop a training report of approximately 6–8 pages.
You have recently been hired as the director of help desk operations for the company—Clear Skies HR, a cloud-based provider of human resource software solutions. You supervise a team of help desk personnel that provides 24/7 support for various Clear Skies HR applications.
Currently, each of your help desk employees works with three computer systems. One system runs on Windows, another on Linux, and the third one runs on Mac OS. When a team member is not actively providing help support, he or she uses a fourth notebook computer to test the company’s software under an upcoming release of Windows.
You have been asked to propose to the chief information officer (CIO) a cloud computing solution that uses a virtual desktop. In addition, you are to include an IT technical training document for the IT personnel who will be responsible for the implementation.
Video Directions:
Click here to view a one-hour-long video titled Design Considerations Guidelines for VMware View.
Make sure to take detailed notes of the video.
Report Directions:
Create a 6- to 8-page report on the following:
Explain the concept of a virtual desktop to the CIO.
Describe in detail the proposal regarding the uses of a virtual desktop. Justify your proposal by discussing the benefits of cloud-based virtual storage solutions, including cost savings.
Describe the ways in which data can be stored, retrieved, and secured using virtual desktops and cloud-based storage, using specific information from the scenario.
Utilize at least three additional scholarly sources to develop a technical training report for IT personnel. The training report should include:
Specific “how-to” steps for designing a cloud-based virtual storage solution, starting from the postinstallation stage.
Any considerations that the IT design team needs to include at each step (for example, hardware and software, training, bandwidth, and storage capacity).
Note: It may be helpful for you to create a two-column table. The first column could be labeled “steps,” and the second column could be labeled “considerations.”
Summarize the proposed solution and the main points of the training report.
Note: Utilize at least three scholarly or professional sources (beyond your textbook) in your paper. Your paper should be written in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources (i.e., in APA format); and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Submission Details:
By Week 3, Day 7, save your report as M3_A2_Lastname_Firstname.doc and submit it to the M3 Assignment 2 LASA 1 Dropbox.
LASA 1 Grading Criteria and Rubric
All LASAs in this course will be graded using a rubric. This assignment is worth 200 points. Download the rubric and carefully read it to understand the expectations.


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