Assignment 2 Travel Journal to Points of Interest from the Early Middle Ages, R

Assignment 2: Travel Journal to Points of Interest from the Early Middle Ages, Romanesque, and Gothic World
Travel was one of the social characteristics that helped shape the Early Middle Ages and the Romanesque period—either to the Middle East to fight in the Crusades or throughout Europe as part of extensive pilgrimages.
For this assignment, put yourself in the place of a person living during this time who traveled extensively throughout Europe by selecting six pieces of art or architecture that you found personally to be the most interesting and important examples that date from this period in history. You should have 2 examples from each of the time periods specific to the Middle Ages: two examples from the Early Middle ages, two that represent the Romanesque, and two that represent Gothic art.
Your objects need to date between 400 CE and 1300 CE—the time span that encompasses the Early Middle Ages, Romanesque, and Gothic periods.
You are going to create a travel journal and itinerary for other students who will travel with you to your points of interest. Create a PowerPoint presentation of eight slides, including an introduction, your six destinations, and a conclusion. On each slide, include the image of the artwork or architecture, and the following information about the image:
Its location
Its name
The period of time it was created
Three interesting points about the artwork/building
What people viewing the image could learn about the Early Middle Ages, the Romanesque period, or Gothic art and architecture.
Why you selected this image


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