Assignment 4 Literature review an annotated bibliography I have a 6 sources li

Assignment 4: Literature review: an annotated bibliography
I have a 6 sources listed in the bottom and I want you to write a short summary for each sources no longer then 50 words for each one so it will be 6 short summary and follow the steps 1 , 2 , and 3 in the bottom to write the summary
This assignment will give you practice in the research skills locating appropriate, credible, and balanced sources; synthesizing a variety of sources; interpreting the connections between sources; and using proper MLA documentation.
1)      Organize your sources alphabetically and provide complete bibliographical data.
2)      Write, in your own words, a summary of your source. What is the writer’s position and how is it supported? You may include a few short quotes, but, for the most part, this should be a summary.
3)      Write an evaluation of the validity and appropriateness of the text to your project. Does the text support/contradict/complicate your attitude toward your subject? Relate it to other texts, raise questions. Indicate how you might use it in your paper.
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