Assignment For this essay, you will be analysis for an advertising for your rea

For this essay, you will be analysis for an advertising for your reader, focusing on the AD’s argument or pricing made about GENDER as well as the Value / Need Appeal according to Maslow’s Hierarchy. This, however not a simple report on an AD; I expect you to live explain the AD (assume I have never seen it or heard of it), give Context, use explicit description-colors, words, images, themes, layout (if it’s a print ad), actions / plot (if It’s a commercial), and explain how it ‘sells’ its product and how it manipulates the buyer (meaning, what is it selling in addition to the product? -ie a belief, a fantasy, a stereotype, about Gender, Masculinity, Femininity , Etc.). You should also connect this ad to something larger-the ‘bigger picture’-as it were. For example, is it a harmful harmful ad because of the stereotypes about gender it presents? If so, how?
Requirements: 4-5 pages (4 min) typed, double-spaced, MLA Guidelines / format; clever title;
2 sources minimum – one is the AD itself, the other / s can be Studying Men and Masculinities by David Buchbinder or Masculine Adornment by Mark Moss or other outside source – article, scholarly / academic journal, valid / approved website / page. Note: if your AD specifically relates to masculinity, it is Highly encouraged that you use Buchbinder. NO WIKIPEDIA! NO Plagiarism !!!!
Product ADs are given, compare these, please.


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