Assignment-Graduate Students Please answer the following From you textbook, an

Assignment-Graduate Students: Please answer the following:
From you textbook, answer Chapter 4 Questions to Research Answer Questions #11, #12, and #13. Precede each new answer with either number 11, 12, or 13, so that it is obvious where one question’s answer ends and the next begins.  B.  INSTRUCTIONS:  Each assignment that a student submits is to be between a minimum of two full pages and a maximum of three full pages in length (no more, no less), with double-spacing, MS Word’s default margins, and 12 pt. Times New Roman font in MS Word format. However, each assignment is then to be saved and submitted as a .pdf file so that it can easily be opened and read.
At the top of the first page, the student is to provide a one-line header with his or her name as it appears on the class roster, whether you are a graduate or undergraduate student, the assignment number and the date of the submission, e.g.:
John Sanchez, undergraduate, Assignment 1, January 29, 2009
The first double-spaced paragraph then follows below. Please use at least three paragraphs per page. Points are deducted for assignments that are not responsive to the topic, do not follow directions, contain poor punctuation, syntax, grammar, or spelling, or are not an accurate and thorough analysis of the topic. Footnotes, end notes, or a works cited page is not needed. Students are not to collaborate with or receive help from anyone else in these assignments. See the discussion regarding academic misconduct below.


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