Assignment information Identify the main points of each reading and discuss cr

Assignment information:  Identify the main points of each reading and discuss critically and analytically—use your sociological imagination!  This can include comparing/contrasting the two readings, making connections between the two readings, how you see the readings relating (or not) to your life experiences (although you must talk about more than just this!), questions you have after thinking about the readings, and/or how the readings relate to information from the core textbook and/or lecture and discussion section activities…  A good place to start is to consider any questions posed at the end of the reading, if given. You need to include at least two quotes (with an in-text citatation—see below for format information) from each reading in such a way that it is meaningful and explained as needed.  Your writeup should be at least 900 words.  You will need to write in a word processing program–and be sure to save a copy—then copy/paste into the moodle assignment dropbox.
Note:  If you happen to choose two readings that you really cannot connect together, you can do a shorter writeup for each article, with the two write-ups together meeting the overall length guideline.
In-text citation format:      (author’slastname Year: page#)          (author’slastname and author’slastname Year: page#)


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