Assignment Instructions Consider Johnny as a laborer. Why does he pursue the sor

Assignment Instructions
Consider Johnny as a laborer. Why does he pursue the sorts of jobs he takes?  What are the problems he faces on the job?  What are the problems he faces off the job?  What are the sources of these problems? How would the Factory Acts of 1833, 1844, 1847, 1850, 1867, and 1878 affect the problems a worker like Johnny could face in the industrial world?
Technical details:
Papers should be 2-4 pages, double-spaced, written in a normal (Times New Roman or similar– no Arial or Lucida, I know the tricks), 12 point font.  Normal 1-inch margins all around.  There is no need for a title page, or extensive headings; just your name, your section, and a brief title is all you need.
The only sources you may use are “The Apostate”, our textbook (Forging the Modern World), and class notes.  No internet sources are needed to complete this paper assignment.  All direct quotations from any of these sources must be cited properly.  Parenthetical citation (author, page number), or footnotes (in Chicago style, see link below) are acceptable citations. 
Papers should also include a bibliography/works-cited page (which is not part of the 2-3 pages of the assignment).  History uses the Chicago Style, and so shall we in this class.  A link to the Chicago style guide is provided below.  We will address the specifics of citations and formatting next week in class.
If you feel the need to cite class notes, check out the format related on this website:

Chicago / Turabian Lecture Citation

** THE FACTORY ACTS can be found in the PDF attached below.


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