Assignment Requirements • PowerPoint presentation • Up to 25 slides,

Assignment Requirements
•       PowerPoint presentation
•       Up to 25 slides, no less than 20
•       Include references in APA 6th edition if necessary
•       Five bullets per slide (if you need to continue your thought, add another slide)
You can use images, tables, etc. (as long as they have good quality resolution)
You are employed at a consultant company the involves the implementation of logistic systems & re-tooling management organizations. We count among our clients some of the global leaders in freight and logistics, including companies involved express, parcel and postal services, trucking, third-party logistics, rail, transport infrastructure, ocean shipping and distribution.
Company’s Problems
–      Poor aggregate planning a scheduling
–      Lack of demand planning
–      ‘Muda’ in inventory control and planning
–      Obsolete supply chain technology
–      Non-existent reverse logistics and sustainability
–      Poorly operated transportation systems
These problems have resulted in loss of profits from $200m to $75m, long sitting times which resulted in high warehousing costs, inflated labor cost with too much overtime; obsolete supply management software that delivers logistics teams late and incomplete data. As a result, without such data, it’s impossible to plan for just the right inventory, space, and labor to meet the demand. Poor coordination and scheduling which adds costs. No vision into streamlining Logistics and supply chain processes to maximize operations.
Based on the problem state you will take one of the six areas and develop a presentation on how the problem will be solved and what approaches can be used for sustainability
•       Title Slide (company name (you can have a fictional name), instructor name, course title, date, Spring 2017)
•       Profile of your company
•       Persons’ role(s) for project/presentation
•       Identification of the Problem
•       Tools for Solving the Problem
•       Advantages/disadvantages of the solution
•       Future Outlook
•       Thank you/questions/comments


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