Assignment Specifications Obtain or collect data on a topic of your choice Perfo

Assignment Specifications
Obtain or collect data on a topic of your choice
Perform a simple linear regression analysis
Prepare a written and oral discussion of your results
Data Collection
Existing data may be obtained from legitimate sources including government agencies, organizations, etc.
At least 30 data points must be obtained that each include:
at least two quantitative variables
at least one qualitative/categorical variable
For the best results, use continuous variables.Discrete variables can be used as long as they come from a wide rangeData Analysis
Calculate the general descriptive statistics for each quantitative variable
Create a histogram and box plot for each quantitative variable
Create a pie or bar chart for each qualitative variable
Create a scatter plot of the data
Calculate the correlation between the data and perform the simple linear regression
Discuss how the data was obtained
Discuss what type of distribution the data has
Discuss if there is evidence of linear correlation and how strong that correlation isPresentation – 20 points
A PowerPoint presentation must be given discussing the information in the analysis
The slides should only serve as an outline for the presentation Documentation – 70 points
Cover page (title, name, class, date)
Two to three pages of written content, not including tables/charts/images
Include any printouts of the data, analysis, and charts
All documentation must use a professional font, font size, and spacingExample of data set that could be used for the project would be belowIce Cream Sales correlation to temp outside (30 data points, like the one example below)XYTempSalesDay of the Week85 degree$750Sunday
You can find some useful data in the link below publications/jse/jse_data_ archive.htm


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