Assignment Writing a Persuasive Letter Scenario In six months you will be gra

Assignment: Writing a Persuasive Letter
Scenario:  In six months you will be graduating from a 4-year Business Program at a local Canadian university.  You have recently been accepted into a Master of Business Program at a prestigious college in the U.K.  In order to finance your 2-year program, you need to apply to different funding agencies for assistance.
One of the requirements of submitting your application is to provide three Letters of Support from those who know you and your work well.  You have decided to approach your 1st year Marketing professor to ask her to write you one of these letters.
Your Task:  Write to your professor asking them to write a letter on your behalf.  Make sure you include all the information your professor will need in order to write you the best reference possible.
Note: While the details of the scenario cannot be changed, you are free to make up the your and the professor’s name, as well as names of any of the schools, programs, or funding agencies.
Format: A letter
Tone: Professional
Length: Two pages
Mechanics: 12 pt font; New Times Roman or Arial; Single-spaced.


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