Assume you are Marcia Murphy and that you received the memo shown in Figure 2.1.

Assume you are Marcia Murphy and that you received the memo shown in Figure 2.1. Read the memo carefully, and then prepare a memo that responds to it. Show your appreciation to Jason Corzo for his advice. Explain that you are both excited and worried about your new assignment. Use your imagination to tell why. Describe how you expect to prepare for the new assignment. You might say that you plan to start learning the language, to read about the culture, and to talk with col- leagues who have worked in Japan. Put this in your own words and elaborate. Make sure that your memo uses complete sentences and concise wording.
Business Response Memorandum – Instructions
Even though the assignment suggests that you assume to be Marcia Murphy, I want you to use yourOWN NAME AND HER TITLE.  The reference to her is figurative because the response and tone of the memorandum should be coming from you as a manager.  Your response is crafted from the memo in Figure 2.1, Interoffice Memo, page 105 so be sure to read it more than once, take some notes, and use your imagination about the new assignment.  Also, know who is sending the memo to you and why?   Is it a coworker, human resources, or the hiring manager or executive?  This will determine how to respond, etc.
Be sure to follow Figure 2.1 formatting for the Interoffice Memorandum.  Also, you may refer to the Textbook, Appendix C, Memorandums, pages 414-415.  This is the typical office memorandum format that is used in contemporary business settings.  Remember to submit the assignment as an MSWord file (see instructions above).


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