At least 3 different animated objects Have at least one custom animation path. Y

At least 3 different animated objects
Have at least one custom animation path. You can modify one of the existing animation paths by editing the points.
Have at least one timing delay and one timing duration that is not the default.
Must run automatically from the beginning to end.
Attached you will find my custom animation example CustomAnimationExample.pptx. Don’t copy my example but come up with your own. I am giving you my file so that you can look at what I did. The big difference in OYO21-2 and my custom animation example is I have always done all my animation on one slide where OYO21-2 had you go through a lot of slides for one effect. Using more slides might make it easier. My custom animation is kind of piled up. I looked at Five Rules and they are pretty piled up, too. Each scene is essentially one slide.
You don’t need anything complicated. Have a boy/girl, a dog, and a stick. Have the boy tell the dog to stay, throw the stick, and then say fetch. Stick could even bounce a little. Have the dog go get the stick and bring it back. Good boy. You can do it all on 1 slide or multiple slides. I actually found it was easier to have the stick go out of view and the dog go out of view to get it. But this is your scene. Do whatever you want. You want to set your timing so that it runs automatically. Things will be running with previous or after previous and you may want something to delay a half a second or take a certain duration to happen. You will set all this for the slides on the Animation tab. I like to show the animation pane but it is possible to do it just with the buttons at the top. If you have multiple slides you need to use the Transition tab to make it automatically go from one slide to the next.


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