Attached is the Rubric for grading your Letter of Application and Resume.Place

Attached is the Rubric for grading your Letter of Application and Resume.  Place your name in the filename when you save your file. You must apply for a position you are qualified for upon the completion of your degree. This must be pertaining to a real job announcement. You must provide an electronic copy of the announcement with your letter and resume.  Do not just provide a link. They sometimes disappear, so cut and paste it into a Word document. Your announcement should provide skills and qualifications needed for that position.Try to keep your letter and the resume to one page. However, if you need to go to a 2nd page on the resume that is ok but use an appropriate heading and page number.If you were to print this assignment, you are to use a good quality printer (proferably a laser) to complete your work and quality resume paper with a watermark when you REALLY apply for a job. If you use an ink jet printer, make sure you use appropriate ink jet paper. You do not have to complete an envelope. Follow the guidelines of the Rubric and basic information provided in your text. Be careful if you look at some of the examples of letterheads in the textbook and do NOT use a template from any word processing program. Create your own – I hate templates.Note this is one of my favorite assignments and I will grade harshly for your benefit. A good resume is something you will keep and update for years to come. A solid foundation is extremely important. See the attached example. 
Proofread, Proofread, Proofread


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