Ayles Networks, an established IT networking company, has a new HR Director. The

Ayles Networks, an established IT networking company, has a new HR Director. The company currently employs over 3,000 people across the Southwestern United States. The HR office is centrally located, but is as much as 500 miles from several of the corporate offices. Some primary duties include recruiting, training, and performance management. The CEO has asked to use HR statistical techniques to assess the staffing, training, and HR assessments that the company currently has in place.
Create a detailed PowerPoint presentation, in no more than 10 slides  Make slides self-explanatory, but you may use brief speaker notes of one or two sentences if needed.  Do not write speaker notes as if you were giving an oral presentation. Use speaker notes to explain slides, if needed.  Include the following points:
Describe each of the statistical techniques that follow. t-test, ANOVA, and regression analysis.
Determine what type of data would be needed for t-test, ANOVA, and regression analysis;
Describe how to use statistical techniques to assess the effectiveness of the staffing, training, and HR assessments;
Provide a brief example of an HR application of each technique: t-test, ANOVA, and regression analysis.
Discuss other statistical methods to analyze the effectiveness of training and staffing programs.
Format your presentation (in-text citations and references) consistent with APA guidelines. You may use speaker notes to help explain the slides, but speaker notes are not required. Do not use speaker notes as verbatim notes for oral presentations. It is not an oral presentation, and slides should be self-explanatory; if necessary, use brief speaker notes (one or two sentences) written in third person to help explain the slides.  This is a presentation in the type of a webinar.  Write in third person, including speaker notes. watch for the imperative mode of verbs because it is in second person and should not be used in your assignments. Example: Train, Take, Do, Review, etc This implies (you) train, (you) take, (you) do, (you) review. It is fine to say, “managers should: train, evaluate, review, etc.” but it is wrong to say: Train, Evaluate, Review, etc. Use several scholarly sources to support your work. The textbook is not enough.  Support main comments/statements with scholarly research (several sources). Place the citation next to the item it is acknowledging or as close as possible on the slides, and place the references on the last slide.
The assignment is to submit a PowerPoint presentation. Assignment submitted in other formats will earn a zero


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