B. All About Me – Escan and My Plan This is an individual term project which ma

B.  All About Me – Escan and My Plan
This is an individual term project which may be undertaken by any BUS100 student.  It incorporates many of the concepts covered in the course, which you will then apply to yourself as a student and as a future graduate.  Details:
·         Starting point is the Why Here essay.
·         Escan on the current and future projections for business, employment, multi-culturalism, diversity in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and the world.
·         Understand the job design, recruiting and selection process for new grads (HRM concepts).  What are employers looking for?  What are my weaknesses / strengths relative to what is sought?
·         Internal assessment:  personality profile, language and communication skills, areas of interest.
·         Work with support services available at the UofR (SSC, URI, student employment).
·         Attend the Enactus Breaking Barriers event a full day event on March 10.  This is mandatory for students doing this project.
·         Finally, to develop your Action Plan:  What do I have to do to make myself marketable by the time I graduate.  Employ marketing concepts:  Define your value proposition, you as a product, your brand, your target market, and how you will position yourself.  
·         Final report components:
o   Escan summary:  What did I find (the research) – my analysis – what it means to me (evidence of research, application of course concepts).
o   Report on HRM and research conducted there.  (evidence of research / cited)
o   Reflection on the Breaking Barriers event.
o   My action plans:  Marketing plan / overall plan to get there (evidence of course concepts, integration of what you have learned).


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