B. What is its impact or potential impact? How are or were people affected by it

B. What is its impact or potential impact? How are or were people affected by it? (3-5 sentences):
This article triggers a lot of impacts. The major impact resulting from this article is the increased likelihood of the survival of the Polar Bears. The second thing is the change in environment; when environment is conserved, the ecosystem as a whole will change too.  This article affects people in an indirect manner. Conservation of the Polar Bears comprises of environmental protection which is suitable for the existence of human beings.
4. Scholarly Reaction – In 3 – 5 paragraphs, summarize what you think of this article relating/supporting your thoughts to geographic themes you have read in your textbook and other sources.
This article expounds a crucial event in the history of conservation of distinct species. The concerned parties are playing a significant role in shaping the environment and ensuring that this species survives till some generations to come. From this article, the dominant theme is the theme of region. We learn that the Russian Arctic is faced with varying environmental conditions which cause certain variations. These variations distort the normal life of the Polar Bear Species.
The second thing is that the arrangements put across by the organization are vital for both humans and various species. Actions such as poaching fall into the theme of Human/Environment Interaction. Such actions exhibited by people interferes with the peaceful interaction of humans and the environment. The team deserves an honor since they have played a key role in ensuring an ideal environment which supports the existence of organisms. People are blamed for triggering climate change, mass extinction of wild species, global warming, and increased levels of environmental pollutions and this fall under the theme of Human/Environment Interaction.
This article is of great important since it highlights measures which should be taken to ensure that organisms don’t become extinct. Similarly, the reader comes to differentiate one place from another, for instance, a cold place such as the Russian Arctic to a hotter place such as the Sahara desert. We realize that different organisms live in this areas. This is where the theme of place comes in. To sum up, this article pinpoints a paramount measure which should be taken seriously by various groups. Doing so increases the chances of species living many other years to come.


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