BBA 3651, Leadership 5 Unit V Case Study A textile manufacturer is closing its N

BBA 3651, Leadership
Unit V Case Study
A textile manufacturer is closing its North Carolina plant and moving the production of its produ
cts to a developing nation
in Southeast Asia. The primary reason for the move is the lower labor cost that the organization can enjoy in the new

Proponents of the decision laud the move as a means to save the organization by taking advantage of
the free
market and finding cheaper methods of producing the company’s goods.

Opponents of the decision state that a breach of trust existed between the company and
the employees, and that
a breach of trust will occur due to this decision
. Additionally, op
ponents cite recent findings that
contractors in the
Southeast Asia region where the company is moving have been cited for utilizing child labor and failing to provide
working conditions equivalent to those in the United States.

Officials in the Southeast
Asia region have answered the criticisms of the use of child labor by pointing out that
oftentimes children are the only individuals in a family who are capable of working, and to deny them that
opportunity would create greater hardship on the already desp
erately poor population.
Based on the case study above, apply the deontological and teleological frameworks learned in this unit to provide the
following information in your response:

Describe which framework the proponents of this move would use to supp
ort their statement that it be considered

Describe which framework the opponents of this move would use to support their statement that it be considered

Describe style of leadership this decision reflects, and
whether this move
would lead to a positive
evaluation of leadership and organizational performance.

Describe the level of corporate responsibility this decision reflects.
Be sure to follow the guidelines below:

Be sure to include peer

reviewed sources to support positions

Analysis should be highly relevant, informative, and remain on topic.

Accuracy should be strong with close attention to detail in all parts of the assignment

Writing should be clear and concise with solid sentence structure and should be fre
r, punctuation,
and spelling

Your paper should be at least two pages in length.

You must also use at least three outside sources to support assertions and conclusions, all sources used must be
referenced; paraphrased and quoted material
must have accompanying citations in APA format


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