Below is everything the professor wants the paper to be about, including researc

Below is everything the professor wants the paper to be about, including research and a graph. Since it will be turned into a plagairism site, i need to make sure it is 100% authentic. DO NOT INQUIRE IF YOU CANNOT PRODUCE AUTHENTIC WORK! thanks in advance!
The attached rubric will be helpful to ensure you maximize your grade.
The paper be must be a typed, double spaced, with 1 inch margins.  The font must be Times New Roman, 12 pt.
Sources should be cited using MLA format
Research should be conducted from scholarly cites, NO Wikipedia.
The total length of the paper should be a minimum of two pages and no more than 5.
Graphs can be hand drawn, scanned and uploaded OR cut and pasted from Excel. Photographs of the graphs is not acceptable. In the case of hand drawn, the lines must be straight. 
The assignment is to be turned in on Safe Assign
Topic: The state of the United States economy
Part One:
Assume the United States has a potential GDP of approximately $18 trillion. Use economic indicators from the last eight quarters to make a determination about the state of the economy, whether the U.S is in a recession, expansion or macroeconomic equilibrium. You must explain and support your answer with information you have researched and learned during the semester. Any research that is used must be cited in the paper. This information should include the following:
Real GDP
Unemployment rate
Labor Participation rate
Inflation rate
Part Two:
Draw an AD/AS graph showing the economic situation you have stated in Part One. Be sure to include the Potential GDP ( Long run As) curve on the graph. The graph should be clearly labeled. Include a paragraph which describes the graph. Bar graphs, circle graphs and the PPF are not appropriate graphs for this part. For examples, look in chapter 13 and 15 of the textbook.
The graph maybe hand drawn, however, rulers should be used. Failure to do so will result in deduction of points.


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