Bodolica, V., &amp Waxi, M. (2007). Chicago food and beverage company The challeng

Bodolica, V., & Waxi, M. (2007). Chicago food and beverage company: The challenges of managing international assignments. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, 13(3), 31-42.   3 pages in length atleast 1 reference
1. Which staffing framework do you recognize in this case study? Explain its characteristics and the advantages to using this type of framework?
2. Would this type of staffing framework affect Paul’s ability to get things done? Why/ why not?
3. Explain if any of the other staffing frameworks would be any better? What can you recommend to the company’s headquarters in this sense?
4. Why does Paul want this job? Is Paul a good candidate for this expatriate position?
5. What comments can you make on expatriate management in general? And what comments can you make on the expatriate recruitment policy in particular?
6. What are the different expatriate compensation methods you recognized in the text? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these different expatriate compensation methods?
7. What do you suggest to the U.S. headquarters’ human resources manager in order to improve the expatriate satisfaction/compensation?


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