Book Review (100 pts)Natalie Zemon Davis Trickster Travels A Sixteenth Century

Book Review (100 pts)Natalie Zemon Davis Trickster Travels: A Sixteenth Century Muslim Between WorldsAssignment DescriptionWrite an approx. 750-1000 word book review on Natalie Zemon Davis, Trickster Travels: A Sixteenth-Century Muslim Between WorldsDue Dates    •    Post to Blackboard by Thursday March 9, 11:59pm EDT    •    Print a copy to bring to class on Friday March 10 for peer reviewLearning ObjectivesIdentify the major components of a piece of historical writing, including arguments, assumptions, methodologies, sources, and categories of thought.Directions    •    Read the article “Writing a Book Review” on the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) site:     •    Using the text and your notes from Trickster Travels, identify the major components of this work:    •    Uses: Who was it written by, and for?  Why was it written?    •    Context: What is the historical context of this work?  Why is that significant?    •    Arguments: What argument/thesis does the author present?    •    Sources: How does the author know what s/he knows?    •    Summary: How is this work organized? What are the major themes throughout?    •    Contributions: How does this work contribute to historical knowledge?    •    Critique/Analysis: What are the strengths and shortcomings of this book?    •    Write a thorough outline of your review before you begin writing.  This requires thinking through the major themes in the book you want to explore, and piecing all the materials together in a clear, coherent way.  Remember, you still need to have an argument or thesis of your own in a book review!    •    Write with your audience in mind!  Be clear and to the point.  Before you submit, read it back to yourself aloud and make appropriate corrections.Assessment (100 pts)This project will be assessed along the following criteria:    •    Presentation of a clear, focused summary of main themes. (40 pts)    •    Quality of your analysis and critique. (40 pts)    •    Peer Review Process completed in class Friday March 10. (20 pts)


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