Briefly introduce this section here. 5.1 Pro Forma Income Statement Describe key

Briefly introduce this section here.
5.1 Pro Forma Income Statement
Describe key figures and assumptions from the income statement, such as important profit or sales figures and their causes. Also, provide a screenshot of your pro forma income statement.
5.2 Pro Forma Balance Sheets
Provide a screenshot of your balance sheets, and describe key figures they contain.
5.3 Pro Forma Cash BudgetProvide a screenshot of the cash budget and describe the impact of the budget on cash balances.
A.       Week 5: Section 5.1: Pro Forma Income Statement
Section 5.2: Pro Forma Balance Sheet
B.       TCOs Addressed
TCO 7: Given one or more proposed investment projects and their estimated cash inflows and outflows and qualitative factors, evaluate the investment(s) and recommend the feasibility of a project or the most attractive of several projects.
TCO 10: Given a description of a new business, new product, service or project develop, present and defend the budget
C.       Project Activity Overview—Scenario/Summary
Use the Budget Proposal Workbook.xlsx and Budget Proposal Template.docx to develop pro forma income statements and balance sheets for the new business.
D.       Deliverables:
Complete Section 5.1: Pro forma Income Statements and 5.2: Pro Forma Balance Sheets. Also, provide calculations in MS Excel template tab 5.0 in Budget Proposal Workbook.xlsx
Add Sections 5.1 and 5.2 to the Budget Proposal Template.docx and save it as YourName_Project_WK5.docx. Also add Sections 5.1 and 5.2 to your Budget Proposal workbook.xls and save it as YourName_Worksheet_WK5.xlsx, and then upload both files to the Week 5Project Dropbox.
Note I am in week 5 of the project , First 4 weeks word is done and attached , i need week 5 work section 5.0 and also provide  Budget Proposal Workbook.xls 


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