Business Report (Informational) Assignment Due Date April 27, 2015 This is a

Business Report (Informational) Assignment  Due Date:  April 27, 2015
This is a major assignment that is worth 100 points. 
Imagine that you are the vice president of operations for a Florida fast-food chain. In the aftermath of a major hurricane, you are tasked with drafting a report on the emergency procedures to be followed by personnel in each restaurant when storm warnings are in effect. To write this report, you will need to conduct research to learn about emergency procedures for such events. You must document the sources of this information using in-text citations and a list of sources. Therefore, the business report must include in-text citations and the list of sources used in the paper.
For this assignment, you will use the APA format to document. In the APA format, the list of sources is called: References, and you can find an example of one on page 432 in the textbook.  Information about how to format APA in-text citations and list of sources can be found on pages 431-433 in the textbook. You should review the rules for formatting a citation for the References list, but it is not necessary for you to compose a citation from scratch. Use a citation generator. The citation generators produce the citations for you. You plug in the information about your source and the generator gives you the citation. There are several free ones available. I recommend this citation generator: Son of Citation Machine. You can access this generator at:
You must use at least one visual in the report.
Your report must also contains all the following parts (Follow Figure 11.13, which begins on page 296 in the textbook, as an example):
List of Illustrations
Executive Summary
Body Paragraphs with Descriptive Headings
Remember to number pages. Note that Roman numerals are used for the Contents, List of Illustrations, and Executive Summary pages


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