Business Studies •&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Write a report applying two models for strategic pl

Business Studies
•           Write a report applying two models for strategic planning formulation. You may choose to report on the feasibility of a business you want to start,
No business plan is required. Reporting on the analysis that should be conducted before a business plan is written.
The report should be 6 pgs.
Franchise of the Papaya clothing store for teenagers.
Executive Summary (Synopsis of the proposal, rationale, research, findings and recommendation.  May be bullet pointed
2.         Proposal Section
a.         Business idea is to start a Papaya Retail Franchise (Owned by Cornerstone Apparel, Inc.,)  in California, Maryland
3.         Rational for the Proposal
a.         Due to lack of clothing stores for the teenage in Southern Maryland / St. Mary’s County, Maryland
4.         Research / Best Practics
a.         SWOT Analysis
i.          Local Competitors
1.         JC Penney’s
2.         Belks
3.         Old Navy
4.         Marshalls
5.         Ross Dress for Less
b.         BCG Growth Share Matrix
5.         Research Findings
a.         These research articles will support the proposal
6.         Recommendation
a.         Is it feasible to start a Papaya Store?
7.         Appendices
a.         Any graphs to support recommendations or research citings


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