Carefully read theISTE Standards for Teachers (http//

Carefully read the ISTE Standards for Teachers ( . You will be examining videos that may illustrate one of more of these standards. You can use the video examples provided below (complete references are listed in the Week Three Resources document) or find an example of your own (perhaps on If you find your own video that illustrates one or more of the ISTE Standards for Teachers, include the link in your post so we can all view your example.Video Examples 
Blended Learning Energizes High School Math Students (Tech2Learn Series)
Collaborative Digital Presentations Enrich Projects (Tech2Learn Series)
Differentiating Instruction Through Interactive Games (Tech2Learn Series)
Free Online Resources Engage Elementary Kids (Tech2Learn Series)
The Flipped Classroom
iPads in the Classroom
Gurugiri Uploaded Mrs Moffitt’s Kindergarten Classroom
How Teachers Collaborate Online and in School
Tech-Fueled Differentiated Instruction Engages Elementary School Students
Anatomy of a Project: “Kinetic Conundrum”
Anatomy of a Project: “Soil Superheroes”
As you analyze your chosen video, keep your focus on the teacher and how what she or he is doing illustrates the ISTE Standards for Teachers. For example, is the teacher modeling digital citizenship by showing respect for copyright laws? 


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