Case Assignment 1 Look up the definition of counterterrorism (please, no Wikipe

Case Assignment
1  Look up the definition of counterterrorism (please, no Wikipedia or other nonprofessional sources). What is the definition?
2  Look up the definition of intelligence. What is the relationship of intelligence to counterterrorism? Explain with examples.
3  Relate counterterrorism and intelligence with the military
4  From the Background Information section, review your readings/audio/websites and: Explain how a specific counterterrorism team, unit, or partnership operates to counter a terrorist episode. Use a specific example and “walk it through” the process. 
Required Reading
Bjelopera, J. P. (2013). The Federal Bureau of Investigation and terrorism investigations. Congressional Research Service. Retrieved from:
Implementing 9/11 Commission recommendations: Progress report 2011. DHS. Retrieved from: [read passages pertaining to counterterrorism]
Joint Counterterrorism Assessment Team (2013). National Counterterrorism Center. Retrieved from:
Required Websites
Counterterrorism and Criminal Exploitation Unit, ICE.
Counterterrorism Committees & Working Groups, DHS.
Counterterrorism Laws & Regulations, DHS:
Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Program. Center for Strategic & International Studies.
National Counterterrorism Center.
ITACG Intelligence guide for first responders (2nd ed.) (2011). NCTC. Retrieved from:


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