Case Project 12-1 Choosing Virtual Disk Configurations These case projects use

Case Project 12-1: Choosing Virtual Disk Configurations
These case projects use the information found in the lesson chapters. You should take care to:
Answer in complete sentences using proper grammar and spelling.
Remember to identify and cite your sources.
Be thorough in your research and response.
You have two Windows Server 2012 R2 computers with the Hyper-V role installed. Both computers have two hard drives, one for the system volume and the other for data. One server, named HyperVTest, is going to be used mainly for testing and what-if scenarios, and its data drive is 250 GB. You estimate that you might have 8 or 10 VMs configured on HyperVTest with two or three running at the same time. Each test VM has disk requirements ranging from about 10 GB to 30 GB. The other server, named HyperVApp, runs in the data center with production VMs installed. Its data drive is 500 GB. You expect two VMs to run on HyperVApp, each needing about 150 GB to 200 GB of disk space. Both are expected to run fairly disk-intensive applications. Given this environment, describe how you would configure the virtual disks for the VMs on both servers.


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