CASE STUDY Read – The Top 5 Most Brutal Cyber Attacks of 2014 So Far. In no

Read –  “The Top 5 Most Brutal Cyber Attacks of 2014 So Far”.
In no more than two answer the following questons.
Assume you are assisting one of the businesses with incident response – what one thing should they focus on given their situation?  
Research and explain a recent well published cyber-attack or breach.  Also, provide a recommendation for improving incident response.
reserach and explain effect of cyber-attack or breach had on the business in terms or revenue loss, customer impact, fines levied or loss of brand.  
What recommendations would you make to University responding to a cyber-attack or breach
Watch the following video:
Watch the following video:
Watch Video
The State of Incident Response by Bruce Schneier
Duration: (54:30)User: n/a – Added: 8/11/14
Your assignment is as follows:
Write a one-page paper recommending an incident response strategy for cloud-based software to the CIO of University.  Ensure you discuss the risks associated with SaaS, IR approaches to SaaS, and recommendations for an IR approach.


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