Chapt 22 Case 22.3, Chapt 23 Case 23.2, Chapt 24 Case 24.1 CASES Responses

Chapt 22: Case 22.3, Chapt 23: Case 23.2, Chapt 24 Case 24.1;
CASES:  Responses to Case Questions are expected to be in IRAC format (Issue, Rule, Application and Conclusion) and should be between 250 and 750 words. The IRAC format is discussed on pages 9 and 10 of your textbook and further instructions can be found on how to analyze case problems in Appendix A, in the back of your textbook. Answers should be logical and thought out and should make use of the textbook materials. (No outside research material should be necessary).  Cases have questions at the end, and you are to answer them completely. Working in chapter information, definitions, etc., helps your grade greatly. IF you use outside sources for any answer, you must give appropriate citing to ensure that you are not accused of cheating. I must be able to find your information easily, so cite well!!


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