Chapter 2 Case 1 p. 123 in the Fundamentals of Information Systems book. Write a

Chapter 2 Case 1 p. 123 in the Fundamentals of Information Systems book. Write a 1200 word paper answering the questions below. The paper must be in research paper format and APA compliant. Please see specific rubric attached to guide the answers to the Case 1 Case 1 Questions to guide the paper for discussion: What troubles did Kaiser run into when it first tried to implement the EHR system? Is Kaiser’s experience typical of leading-edge companies? If so, how? Researchers associated with Kaiser Permanente have used the patient record database to make numerous worthwhile discoveries in the areas of preventing whooping cough, determining the correlation between HPV vaccination and sexual activity in young girls, improving methods of cancer detection, avoiding blood clots in women using birth control pills, and lowering cholesterol. Do you think that access to this valuable data should be granted to researchers not associated with Kaiser Permanente? Should researchers be charged a fee to access this data to help offset the ongoing cost of upgrading the system? What strategic advantage does Kaiser gain from its EHR system? What do you think are the greatest benefits of the HealthConnect system for Kaiser Permanente subscribers? Can you identify any potential risks or ethical issues associated with the use of this system for Kaiser healthcare plan subscribers? How would you answer these questions from the perspective of a physician or nurse?


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