Chapter 9 Discuss the sentencing dispositions in your state jurisdiction. What a

Chapter 9
Discuss the sentencing dispositions in your state jurisdiction. What are the pros and cons of each?
Compare the various types of incarceration sentences. What are the similarities and differences? Why are many jurisdictions considering the passage of mandatory sentencing laws?
Discuss the issue of capital punishment. In your opinion, does it serve as a deterrent? What new rulings has the Supreme Court made on the legality of the death penalty?
Why does the problem of sentencing disparity exist? Do programs exist that can reduce the disparity of sentences? If so, what are they? Should all people who commit the same crime receive the same sentence? Explain.
Chapter 10
What is the purpose of probation? Identify some conditions of probation and discuss the responsibilities of the probation officer.
Discuss the procedures involved in probation revocation. What are the rights of the probationer? Is probation a privilege or a right?
Should a convicted criminal make restitution to the victim? When is restitution inappropriate? Could it be considered a bribe?
Should offenders be fined on the basis of the seriousness of what they did or in terms of to their ability to pay? Is it fair to base day fines on wages? Should offenders be punished more severely because they are financially successful?
Submission Instructions:
Complete your assignment by clicking “Write Submission” (not “Comments”) and entering text into the textbox and format using the Blackboard formatting tools–OR–use the “paste” function and copy from a word processor document into the textbox (recommended), and click Submit. You may view your posting both on this page and under My Grade (available under Tools).  Do not attach files.  For each question include at least one link to an internet site you researched to form your answer to that question.  
Extra Credit Work.  This assignment gives you the opportunity to earn extra credit points which will be totaled separately from the required assignments.  Submit it in a BB message using as the subject line the words “Extra Credit” and the chapter number.  An extra credit assignment must be submitted in the same timeframe as the required assignment.
Chapter 9 Extra Credit:  Death Penalty
Research “your state’s” penal code/code of criminal procedure which establishes the aggravating circumstances for the death penalty.  (If your state does not have the death penalty [refer to the map on page 240 of the text], select a near-by state which does and research that state.)  Provide a link to your penal code/code of criminal procedure from which you obtained the information.  Sites such as,,,, etc., are not a penal code/code of criminal procedure and are not acceptable.  Select one of the death penalty cases in Exhibit 9.1, page 247 of the text and research the case.  Discuss what the main issue was in the case and how SCOTUS ruled in the case.   Provide a link to your research site.
A note about “your state:”  it might be the state where you were born, where you live now, where you’ve always wanted to live, etc.  You may not use Federal law, it must be a state’s law.
Chapter 10 Extra Credit:  Halfway Houses
Research the topic of halfway houses (or residential reentry centers) in the Federal Bureau of Prisons system.  Discuss in detail their purpose, method of operation, program levels, etc.  Provide links to your research websites.  Sites such as,,, do not rise to the level of academic research and are not acceptable.


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