Choose one of the two following topics and write an essay about it.Program Mic

Choose one of the two following topics and write an essay about it.Program: 
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A. What do you think about educating children?
In America, There are laws about education; the government is responsible to provide an education for every child. So we have public schools, and every child is required to attend.But in public school there are all sorts of cultures mixing together – children not only from America but from other countries. This means that they speak different languages at home, they have different cultures and religions, they value different things, even eat different foods.Should the public school try to make everyone an American? Or should they respect everyone’s culture and try to focus on just math and science? Should classes be taught in different languages? Should we hire teachers from different cultures to help students from those cultures? Should parents be more involved in what their children are taught in school? In other words, what do you think is purpose of an education?
B. What do you think about what the government spends money on?
In today’s world, the government is spending more money in more things; roads, education, defense, space exploration, fighting crime, helping other countries, social problems, and all sorts of other things.And when the government spends money that means we have to pay more taxes! The government uses our taxes to pay for its programs.Do you think the government is doing enough to help people? Do you think we need to increase taxes in order to let the government do more? Or do you think the government ought to spend less money and people ought to solve their own problems?


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