Choosefive conceptsfrom the document provided titled Greek Concepts to discu

Choose five concepts from the document provided titled “Greek Concepts” to discuss in connection with examples of those concepts from ancient Greek literature or art (some of these concepts have been explicitly discussed in the course, others only alluded to). Analyze each concept in relation to the concrete example you have chosen to illustrate the concept (e.g., a passage from Homer’s Iliad involving Achilles may illustrate the concept of arete). Your essay must include a concrete example illustrating each concept (five total). At least three of these examples must be direct statements from primary literature of the period (e.g., epic poetry, plays, history, philosophy). The other two may be taken from the visual art/architecture of the period or may also be from literary sources. For citation and bibliography, here is an MLA guide.
Your essay should be c. 1000-1500 words (not including outline and bibliography) Essay graded out of: 100 pointsYour paper must include:
An outlineA bibliography or works citedAn original titleA highlighted thesisDirect statements from ancient Greek literature
Greek Source List (where you may find illustrations of the concepts; not necessarily limited to):
The ParthenonGreek SculptureAeschylus, PersiansAristophanes, The CloudsHerodotus, The HistoriesHomer, The Iliad—, The OdysseyPlato, The Republic—, The Allegory of the Cave (within the above work) —, The Apology—, The SymposiumSophocles, Antigone—, Oedipus the KingThucydides, The History of the Peloponnesian War —, Pericles’ Funeral Oration (within the above work) Writings (fragments) of the Presocratic philosophers
Organize This Essay in this format: 
  Introduce the reader to what you will discuss in the essay.
  Thesis: state the importance of the concepts you have chosen in relation to ancient Greece
(e.g., “
  Restriction: cite the examples to be used in connection with your chosen concepts (e.g.,
“Examples of this can be seen, respectively, in Homer’s Iliad, Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, the Parthenon of Athens, and Praxiteles’ Aphrodite of Knidos”).
Body (all body paragraphs—total of 5—should follow one of these two formats)
Examples from literature:
  Topic sentence: identify the topic, e.g., Achilles’ actions in the Iliad reflecting arete.
  Definition: define the concept.
  Context: briefly describe the work and explain the context surrounding the quote you will
provide as your example of the concept.
  Example: use a direct quotation from the work to illustrate the concept.
  Interpretation: explain the meaning of the quotation.
  Connection: explain how the quotation illustrates the concept.
Examples from visual arts:
  Topic sentence: identify the topic, e.g., the Parthenon reflecting kalokagathia.
  Definition: define the concept.
  Summarize: give a summary/description of the work of art/architecture
  Interpretation: interpret the meaning of the piece and what the artist/architect was trying
to convey.
  Connection: explain how the work of art/architecture illustrates or “incarnates” the
  Summarize the main points you have demonstrated in your paper (these points should be found in the connection section of each body paragraph).
  Restate your general thesis in fuller and more integrated way.
  Perhaps end with a concluding thought.
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