Compare and contrast your research relating to sports and non-sports related inj

Compare and contrast your research relating to sports and non-sports related injuries to the shoulder to the research and findings of your peers.  Share two preventive measures or exercises with your peers which help prevent potential injuries to the shoulder (you may select exercises featured in the video or share ideas of your own). Ensure each peer response contains a minimum of 100 words and include scholar source .if used
The main function of the should is to allow movement and placement in different directions to carry out its numerous activities in a day to day basis. According to (Lippert, 2011), the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and is capable of great deal of movements. The shoulder girdle is a general term that is used to describe the activities of the scapula, the color bone, and the sternum. The shoulder girdle muscles stabilize the scapula so the shoulder joint muscle will have a stable base from which to exert force for moving the humerus. it also contracts to maintain the scapula in a relatively static position during shoulder joint movement. The muscles of the shoulder girdle muscles contract to move the shoulder girdle and to enhance movement of upper extremities when the shoulder goes through extreme ranges of motion. The activity I selected is tennis. During tennis playing, the shoulder moves with the scapula and extend during during a strike. The trunk plays an important role in human movement. It is responsible for more than half of the body weight and its kinematics has been associated with age-related changes. The upper limb is connected to the trunk ventrally by the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, subclavius, and serratus. The trunck is connected to both the lower and upper extremities. During movement, the quadriceps contracted eccentrically when the body slowly lowers to move the lower extremities, the trunk bends along to accelerate the knee and shoulder joints by contracting eccentrically. During tennis playing, the trunk also rotate to either the right or left depending on the direction of the ball and this helps the scapula muscles to extend to support the trike.
Lippert, L. (2011). Clinical kinesiology and anatomy (5th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis


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