Compare the ads of 2-3 minority-targeted American magazines (e.g., Essense &amp Ebo

Compare the ads of 2-3 minority-targeted American magazines (e.g., Essense & Ebony) and 2-3 mainstream American magazines (e.g., Elle & Vogue) (Domestic magazines only), and write a 5-page (minimum) paper. 
–       You are comparing ads targeting ONE minority group vs. those for the general market. You are NOT comparing ads targeting different minority markets.
–       Describe the history, purpose, characteristics of the minority magazines of your choice
–       Analyze ALL the ads (number of ads, percentage of what product category, models of different race/ethnicity, major/supporting/marginal role, business/home/outdoor setting, skin tone, gender, celebrity, etc). Be sure to use tables and charts to compare the ads in different magazines.
–       Discuss the similarities and differences between the ads in minority-targeted magazines and those in the general market magazines. Insert or attach the specific ads when describing your findings (e.g., “The skin tone of models of color in mainstrema magazines tends to be whitewashed, which can be illustrated by the L’oreal ad from Vogue”). Be sure to provide your own arguments on WHY such differences exist.
– Write 5 pages with MLA sources and include the pictures from the ad in attachment


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