Competing Jurisdictions In Weeks 2 through 4, you will follow a scenario as a ca

Competing Jurisdictions
In Weeks 2 through 4, you will follow a scenario as a case moves from initial crime through sentencing. This scenario is representative of many real-world cases where multiple jurisdictions are involved. As the case progresses, the relevant laws and various parties (police officers, attorneys, community members, and so on) all affect how the case moves through the criminal justice system. Each week, you will receive new information that may influence how you interpret the case or choose to proceed. 
This week, you review the case from the perspective of a police officer.
Review the following scenario:
Earlier today, an individual rushed into the lobby of the local post office and forced his way past several customers to make his way to the retail counter. The individual then produced a firearm and pointed at the postal clerk and demanded all of the money from the clerk. The clerk complied with the individual’s demands, and the individual fled the scene of the crime on foot with the stolen money. The following people witnessed the crime: the postal clerk and two customers (John and Jill). There was no video surveillance inside of the post office, but several stores surrounding the post office were equipped with surveillance systems.   
Write a 2- to 4-page analysis of the scenario in which you address the following:
What are the main roles and functions of the police officer at this stage of the case?
What kinds of local, state, and federal responses can you expect? How and why would each agency be involved?
How do their jurisdictions and responsibilities overlap? How do they communicate and coordinate actions among the agencies?
Who has the ultimate authority to move forward and initiate a criminal case? How is this determined? What are the implications of this choice?
Support your analysis with a minimum of two references. The course textbook may be one resource. Additional references may include scholarly articles, websites, blogs, podcasts, or other relevant sources.
Adhere to APA guidelines.
Need in 6 hours


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