Complete the Writing Assignment Stanford Prison Experiment A classic study in C

Complete the Writing Assignment: Stanford Prison Experiment
A classic study in Criminal Justice is the Stanford Prison Experiment. This week you will conduct research on this classic study and have the option to submit your work as a written assignment OR a PowerPoint Assignment.
Research the Stanford Prison Experiment.
Create an 8–10 slide PowerPoint presentation incorporating speaker notes to provide
an overview of the following:
·         Provide a brief review of the study.
·         What was the purpose of the study (exploratory, descriptive, explanatory, evaluative, or
·         a combination)? Justify your reasoning.
·         List four ethical principles and standards.
·         Explain how they have or have not been complied with.
·         Evaluate the validity and reliability of this experiment. Explain your answer
·         Analyze whether the results can be generalized to another situation or population. Justify
·         your reasoning.
Include a title slide.
Include a reference slide.
Format your work consistent with APA guidelines.


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